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From this gate tower at Unteralleestraße 28, the city wall, which enclosed the oldest part of the city around 1200, led up to the castle hill. The Upper Gate was the easternmost gate of the city wall and an important checkpoint to the trade route to Wiesbaden. Parts of the city wall can be seen between Oberalleestraße and Unteralleestraße. The Obertor tower is one of two former towers in this area. The tower received changes around 1900, when a passage was broken into the tower during the construction of the Nassauische Kleinbahn. After the lead and silver smelter switched transportation to trucks, the Kleinbahn was sold to Switzerland and the Obertor was rebuilt. Today, traffic flows around this gate. There is a meeting hall in the top of the tower that can be rented.



The “Obertor” was the most easterly gate in the town wall and an important checkpoint on the trading route to Wiesbaden.

Today the traffic goes around the gate tower.

At the top of the tower an assembly hall was installed which can be rented for private functions.

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56338 Braubach Brunnenstraße 2
Brunnenstraße 2
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