Spitznack2 | © Andreas Pacek/Romantischer Rhein


Siedlung Leiselfeld, 56348 Bornich

Striking rock formation on the Rheinsteig. Breathtaking views of the narrow Rhine valley and the Loreley rock.
The Spitznack is on the 15th stage of the Rheinsteig from St. Goarshausen to Kaub.
From the Loreley rock, you can experience views of the canyon-like breakthrough valley of the Rhenish Slate Mountains at various points. Once you have enjoyed the view long enough, you walk over to the starting point of the Loreley wine trail and reach the plateau at Leiselfeld. What follows is difficult to describe, you have to experience it: The Spitznack is a spectacular vantage point.
Spitznack2 | © Andreas Pacek/Romantischer Rhein
Spitznack | © Henry Tornow
Blick Richtung Loreley | © Henry Tornow
Spitnack Felsen | © Henry Tornow


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56348 Bornich Siedlung Leiselfeld
Siedlung Leiselfeld
56348 Bornich

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