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Burg Gutenfels

Burg Gutenfels 1, 56349 Kaub

Surrounded by vineyards, Gutenfels Castle is located above the romantic Rhine town of Kaub.

Gutenfels Castle in Kaub is regarded as an exemplary piece of castle building and determines the landscape of the area. The complex was erected in 1222 by the lords of Falkenstein-Münzenberg and served to secure the Rhine toll in the area, together with Pfalzgrafenstein Castle. In Kaub, the toll correspondence from the 16th century is also preserved. The city and the Castle were under siege for several weeks in 1504 by the troops of Landgrave Wilhelm von Hessen. It was probably then that the name “Gutenfels” became current for the Castle.
Gutenfels is located close to the Rheinsteig hiking trail und was reopened in 2022 as a castle hotel offering stylish overnight accommodation.

Burg Gutenfels

From12.10.2023 until the 12.10.2030

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56349 Kaub Burg Gutenfels 1
Burg Gutenfels
Burg Gutenfels 1
56349 Kaub

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