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Schloss-Straße 5, 56338 Braubach

The Renaissance garden of Philipsburg Castle is located in the freely accessible inner courtyard at Schloss-Straße 5. The garden was reconstructed according to historically preserved plans by Wilhelm Dilich from 1607 and is one of the oldest castle gardens in Rhineland-Palatinate. Six square beds divide the area of about 500 square meters. They are planted with perennials common in the Renaissance period and bordered by a box hedge. Narrow ornamental paths made of white gravel lead through the garden. The equipment includes two fountains. The Renaissance Garden is a World Heritage Garden and is included in the route of World Heritage Gardens in the Upper Middle Rhine Valley.

A gem in the world heritage area! In 2009, the garden of Philippsburg Castle was reconstructed on its original site according to original designs and is one of the oldest castle gardens in Rhineland-Palatinate.

Philippsburg Castle was built in 1568-71 at the southern end of the town on the Rhine. Today it houses, among other things, the European Castle Institute - an institution of the German Castle Association.

The garden is divided into six square beds, as was common in the Renaissance period. Between them are paths with two fountains in the middle. Narrow ornamental paths of white gravel divide the beds bordered with boxwood, which bloom in different seasons. Both types of beds consist of four sections each with the same planting (herbs, useful and ornamental plants), which still reminiscent of the kitchen gardens of the Middle Ages, e.g., saints' wort, iris, Roman chamomile, cushion marjoram, and columbine, as well as feather carnation, rue, kitchen sage, Madonna lily, and blood cranesbill.

Benches in the wall niches invite you to relax.


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56338 Braubach Schloss-Straße 5
Renaissancegarten Philippsburg
Schloss-Straße 5
56338 Braubach


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